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Peeld smoothie with kiwi, strawberry, pineapple and mango

our story

Fed up with bland healthy food options in Walthamstow, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Enter Peeld. The restaurant that delivers delicious and nutritious food thats packs a flavoursome punch.

 Since our opening, Peeld has become a crowd favourite and the top rated restaurant on Deliveroo in the area.

Not bad aye? 🤓

Peeld poke bowl with mango, salmon, edamame and crispy onions

who we are

Hello 👋 It's brother and sister duo Bartek and Gabriela here. aka. "The Founders".

After starting a small online business selling home made pickles and brownies during the pandemic, we decided to
YOLO it and open our very own restaurant.  Having no previous experience, many told us it was a silly idea.

And boy was it a silly idea...  From 18 hour shifts to countless arguments, the food game gave us everything it promised.

2 years later and a lot of hard work, a fantastic team and a supportive community, Peeld has become one the most loved healthy food outlets in East London. 

Onwards and upwards!


founders of peeld poke and acai standing in front of their premises in walthamstow
peeld tonkotsu noodle soup

our mission


When we first came up with the idea for Peeld, we visited countless healthy food restaurants all around London and noticed a familiar theme: a pretentious atmosphere and overpriced, bland food. 

£8.50 for a salmon bagel and an inspirational quote? Come on guys!... 🙈

We challenge the status quo, and provide a friendly, fun and accessible atmosphere as well as an all-inclusive menu with flavours that will blow your little socks off.

Our ingredients are delivered fresh every, single day, guaranteeing the best quality food money can buy.



feel at home

Wether you're a family, gym rat, gamer, coeliac, vegan, on a walk with your dog (or cat, we don't judge), you won't feel out of place at Peeld. 

Connect with us on Instagram and see what we're up to!


outside view of peeld poke & acai premises at 69 orford road
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