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we're famous!

It's a chilly Friday morning and I have just woken up at a festival camp site. In my delirious state, I immediately check my instagram (as any normal human does when they first wake up) to see how many new super fans Peeld has gathered overnight. Wow, 4 new followers. That has to be a record I thought. Well done us. Pat on the back. 

But wait...

What is this? "Davina McCall has tagged you in a post". Excuse me? Am I hallucinating? What was in that cider the strange bearded man with no shoes on gave me last night? I knew he was up to no good. Damn you Bob.


All of a sudden, a flood of messages comes through from "Gabi New". Oh oh... This usually means trouble in paradise. But to my surprise, she's going on about a podcast that has featured us in it. A podcast by none other than Davina herself. I'm not hallucinating after all.

Gabi then sends me a 5 minute clip, in which Davina McCall and Micheal Douglas sing praises about food they had on a photo shoot, catered by a place called Peeld. It was very surreal hearing our names on it to say the least. 

Their podcast "Making the Cut" recommends the best things to watch, eat, read and follow and is amongst the top 0.5% listened podcasts globally, so to be featured on it was very special! You can listen to it on Spotify here. It's quite fantastic. We're on the 36 minute mark.

Thank you Davina and Micheal, and apologies for doubting you Bob, hope you finally found the meaning of life. 

making the cut podcast cover photo
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